What should I bring?


        Save time and money by going to your tax interview prepared with all the documents you need.


 Wages statements- W-2's

Unemployment income yearly statement - 1099G

Self-employment business income and expenses - 1099 Misc

Comissions received/paid


Partnership. S-Corp, Trusts or estate Yearly staments- K1

Pension, retirement income - 1099R

Social Security income yearly statement - SSA-1099

Canceled debt Amount - 1099C

IRA contributions

Statements on the sales of stocks or bonds - 1099B

Interest and Dividends income - 1099INT - 1099DIV

Lottery or gambling winnings/losses(if you have winnings) - W2G

Rental property Income and Expenses

Record of purchase or sale of residence

Medical and dental expenses

Alimony received or paid

Donation receipts

Child care expenses and provider information

State taxes paid or received

Unreimbursed employment-related expenses

Job-related educational expenses

Casualty or theft losses

Foreign taxes paid

Estimate taxes paid



Mortgage interest year-end statement

Real estate and personal property taxes



Tuition and education fees - 1098T

Student loan information - 1098E

Grants and Scholarship information


 All Taxpayers (New Clients)

Social Security Card(s) for all people listed on the return

Birth Certificate for the dependents

Driver license(s) Taxpayer and Spouse

Copy of last year tax return